Illuminati Silver – Silver prices are going to fall further


Telling You the Truth about Silver
Silver prices are going to fall further, based on fundamentals, regardless of whether price manipulation is occurring.
Too many people with vested interests are suggesting that the price of silver will sky-rocket any time soon. This we refute categorically unless there is world wide monetary collapse, and even then gold will be the first safe haven with silver rising in its shadow.
The short term outlook for silver prices are bleak, but in 5 – 10 years the picture will be different.
Also look at our video commenting on the 2015 World Silver Institute Report:


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  1. Good vid, but I think we are going into uncharted waters where the U.S. dollar loses the World Reserve Currency status, and we have to trade in dollars for a new currency and lose 40% value, then you still cannot get cash because they will give you a debit card. Cyprus banks are the model of future of 'bail in'. Stores close because of chaos, then food(in long term storage buckets) and water, water filters, small generators, lighters, matches, wood for fire, might be worth more than silver and gold at some point. Just sayin', ahmmm, I reckon…

  2. So what, if the silver pumper's and bullion dealers have a dog in the game? It's a dog they believe in! They have to put a great deal of investment and time into their businesses. What's this guy's motivation for disseminating the so called truth?
     I am sure it's not his great love for humanity!

  3. This guy is not an the illuminati, he's more than likely a disinformation agent for wall street!

  4. Of Corse, he doesn't dare mention all the trillions of paper money printing that's going on around the world. If, it weren't for that, he may be right about some of what he is saying. But, just because of the theft of your wealth through the lose of your paper money's value, through their controlled inflation, should make people want to continue to stack!  At the rate their printing paper currencies,  silver will only go higher, just like every thing else.

  5. Jimmy Russels on

    Banks all over the world are buying metals. Also, you can't predict the future. People trust silver, you can't deny that. If the price went down to say 10 an ounce you know what would happen? Tons of people would buy it and drive the price back up. This video is stupid.

  6. Gold is going to reach 980. When it reaches there, you can buy more.
    It is breaking the minor support now, in monthly Time Frame. Will break even further down. USD will be stronger since gold falls.

    Use the stronger USD to purchase more silver by that time. You can buy more oz.

    And also, thank you for the video. Those are educating.

  7. stomper12000 on

    I'm in with JP Morgan and stashing as much silver as I can. I don't need for silver to spike when I don't have enough to be "satisfied" from the coming massive wealth transfer. Doesn't matter what the price is; that's what you guys get for always thinking in terms of dollars like you've been trained. Price means nothing, value means everything. I'd love for it to go grossly undervalued for at least five years. It will still buy you more than fiat currency and you can trade your silver anywhere than the hot potatoe U S dollar. the secret is to buy only what you can afford and not think in terms of investing because you will lose in the short term. You have well balance views. I'll continue my dollar cost averaging to get my stack set. I'm still living off gold I bought in 1979 so it doesn't matter the price; it the price drops, it only means true wealth is easier to obtain; everyone has a chance, don't be left behind. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Rumple Stiltskin on

    I don't know where you get your information but, but apparently you have an agenda to push.
    This from SRSrocco; "While some of the top 12 primary miners stated adjusted income gains for the year, all the companies suffered net income losses — a staggering $1.7 billion loss for the group.  With these huge losses, you would think the top silver institutions would report this in their annual publications.  Unfortunately, the opposite is the case.  According to CPM Group’s 2014 Silver Yearbook and Thomson Reuters GFMS most recent World Silver Survey, the top primary miners produced silver at a Cash Cost below $10 an ounce.

    The top 12 Primary Silver Miners Suffered A Loss Of $1.00 An Ounce In 2013 According to, the average price of silver in 2013 was $23.79.  Using simple arithmetic, the top primary miners should have made a cash profit of $14.32 an ounce ($23.79 – $9.47 = $14.32).  However, this was not the case.  My top 12 primary silver miners as a group suffered an adjusted income loss of nearly $1.00 an ounce in 2013."
    With an already dwindling silver reserve it will be impossible for those mining operations to build up that reserve when their continuance will be jeopardy when our economy collapses because loans for operations will also dry up, thus the price will go through the roof.

  9. Igor Stravinsky on

    Why make videos and record voiceovers if you're just going to use a fisher price microphone and have as much distortion as possible in the signal? Why not just not do it, considering a decent microphone for this purpose can be had for under $30? Hell even 99% of laptops have better built-in mics than what you used. Your video has good info but it's so incredibly difficult and painful to listen to, and when you get quiet for dramatic effect, intelligibility gets even worse. There is no reason in 2015 to have broadband distortion and an overmodulated mic capsule in your voiceovers. 

    Seriously, just use a built in laptop mic, because whatever you used is absolutely terrible, and it's basically unlistenable with quality speakers. 

    Source: 20 yrs as an audio engineer.

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