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  1. personally and many will disagree with me but I think coins are a mistake at 20 to 30% premium … do you really think you will be buying you groceries with silver coins ?  Nar I don't think so cash is out digital in … pretty little coins are nice but serious buyers get 1 kilo bars…. get 20% more for you dollar ….

  2. well now we hear J P Morgan is dumping the shorts and loading up on physical .. have we seen the bottom ?   as for solar panels .. when the grid goes down .. and believe it will … solar panels you can name your price … but you will never sell …..

  3. Mouse Gunner on

    This is such a troll message the video is proclaiming. Silver wont go above $20 in the next 10 years (right now it's at $16ish).
    In the past 12 year the supply of silver has rose 30% and continues to rise at about 3% yearly.
    The speculation of the massive solar panel boom pushed the price close to $50 about four years ago. The lackluster acceptance of "alternative energy" in the US and the announcement that the electronics industry found a work around for the use of silver as their main conductive material has created a very anemic market.
    If I were holding silver as an investment, I would dump it when it gets at $18, that's about as good as it will get for quite a while.

    Btw, don't take my word for it, do the research yourself.

  4. 500 an ounce?  he's got me convinced.  i'm gonna buy one of those silver dimes today.  when gold hits a million, i'll be a thousand-aire.  woo-hoo!

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