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China Gold Reserves Reach Alarming Level
Last disclosed in April 2009, China gold reserves were at 1,054 tonnes. At least, that was the official number given…You see, China only reports its gold reserves every few years. The most recent number suggests the country upped its holdings 43 …
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How central banks mislead on gold reserve reporting
I have had my attention drawn to the publication by The Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (GATA) around 2 ½ years ago of a leaked IMF confidential document on central bank reporting of gold reserves. … The confidential IMF report says that to …
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India's Sensible Plan To Mobilise The Gold Reserves
Demand here is so high that gold imports have in recent years accounted for nearly 30 percent of India's trade deficit, and many people prefer to keep it in the form of jewelry, making it difficult to trade or convert into cash. Economists call it …
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